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Crooks must be chased away
Published Date: 06/11/2018 (Tuesday)

By Fr J. C. Pieris

It was very clear what we wanted in 2015. We wanted to get rid of a corrupt, lawless and an indecent culture and bring about the opposite: a clean, decent, civilized and a law-abiding governance and culture. But what went wrong in the whole magnificent political exercise was that we trusted the wrong people. A small part of the dream came true, but it was just not enough. We realized that the responsible people were as crooked as the previous ones. They are neither qualified nor capable of bringing about the clean, decent, civilized and law-abiding country.

Ali Baba and the 225 thieves are responsible for the current imbroglios. This is another episode in their ongoing drama acted out for the benefit of their foolish followers. The rest of the citizenry need not worry about this entire hullabaloo. None of the rogues will be harmed; none will go to jail. It is an inside affair of the Ali Baba and company. It is a home-and-home match or power struggle with power brokers, deal makers, betrayers and MPs offering themselves to the highest bidder. And lots and lots of unlaundered black money are changing hands. It is an inane question to ask who is right and who is wrong; all we need to say is who cares. The message is clear and the lesson we need to learn from this is crystal clear. Ali Baba and the company of 225 thieves are our enemies, the enemies of the people. They are all on one side. It is high time their foolish followers realized it.

Talking and worrying about them is an utter waste of time and energy. Let us talk about the people. Already one of us has been shot dead. He was a married man with children. Who is talking about his death, his wife and children? Which media has given us the story of that poor man and his family? Who will look after the poor widow and the orphans? He is expendable, yes, all of us are expendable. We have lost our inalienable, sovereign freedom to choose our representatives. We decide a certain rogue should not go to the legislature and vote him out. But the rogue enters Parliament through the national list and becomes a rogue minister. Do we realize that they have thrown our ‘Right to Choose our Representative’ into the garbage bin and have insulted us? Even the JVP did it; what is there to say about the rest? We choose the manifesto of a certain political party and send one of them to the legislature and the next day s/he crosses over for money. No apology, no explanation, we are mere ciphers, countable heads. They sell car permits for millions and laugh all the way to the bank. Do we realize that they are laughing at us? That shows how much they respect their supporters!

How long are we going to suffer these insults and humiliations? Do you want the next generation too to suffer the same fate? When are we going to lift up our heads with self-respect and pride? Do we realise that they have wholesale violated with impunity the article No. 3 of Chapter 1 of the Constitution, which declares that "In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise." Anyway, the present Constitution is in shambles. This Constitution, adulterated, corrupted and crookedly amended so many times by these rogues has so many loop holes it looks more like a sieve rather than a rampart. Let us talk about a new Constitution at the end of this article. But first let us discuss what we are going to do immediately without being mere passive and complacent spectators of this tragic comedy. I suggest we totally ignore with anger and disgust the 226 enemies of the people.

 It will be a national expression of our attitude towards the present set of politicians. It will be, a la Gandhi, a mild form of no-confidence, non-corporation, civil disobedience or satyagraha. Failing which we should consider the following options:

1. If you happen to meet one of those from the Ali Baba’s 225 thieves, ignore the disgusting creature, make sure you neither smile nor greet him/her but show contempt.

2. Never accept an invitation to one of their meetings or functions.

3. Never invite them to any of your functions or gatherings.

4. Don’t associate with their kith and kn and let them too feel the disgust of the people.

5. Spread this message around and convince your acquaintances, friends and relatives to participate in this non-violent, harmless national protest and show of disgust.

6. In fact, somebody said that if these whore-like legislators can be bought for 20 crores each; let us buy all 225 of them and send them home; it will cost the people only Rs. 525/- per head.

7. Remember what Margaret Thatcher said: Both politicians and nappies need to be changed often and for the same reason!

8. The message is: You are our enemy, we do not respect or trust you, you are disgusting, GO AWAY!

At this moment in our current history, when nobody is at the helm of the Sri Lankan ship, it is the religious heads that must give leadership to the people. I plead with the Buddhist heads of the Sangha, the Christian bishops, priests, pastors, heads of institutions of religious sisters and brothers, the Muslim imams and Hindu kurakkals and their lay leaders to implement strictly with vigour the above plan for a national show of protest and disgust at the ugly and embarrassing situation in the country. We cannot stop these hypocrites coming to our Temples, Churches, Kovils and Mosques. But let us not go to welcome them or meet them. Let us not tie thread on their wrists, bless them or pray for them. Let the hypocrites come with their cameras and do their fraudulent thing and go away by themselves. Do not tarnish the great, universal religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism by kowtowing to these rascals; please do not bring dishonor to our dearest and the most venerated Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed and the great Hindu Seers by making their religions cheap tools of the dirty hidden agendas of these crooks. It is the religious leadership that must take the initiative to clean up this country and make it civilized again.

In the meantime, we are waiting for the new Constitution. It is in the making and will be out soon, we are told. I am repeating the gist of a document, posed on the Internet and mentioned in my opinion "A time to tear down…" on The Island of the 27th September. The talk of the town, ‘sotto voce’ of course, is about this. If you have eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind to discern you will be able to find glimpses of it surfing the Internet. I shall offer a few indications as to its content to whet your appetite. The first indication is going to be highly controversial but it can be justified as state craft and religious beliefs must be safely kept independent of each other: no religion will be mentioned in the Constitution.

The legislature will consist of 125 members and not 225.

The cabinet will consist of 13 ministers.

The executive presidency will be abolished.

The wasteful and useless white elephant, Provincial Councils, will be abolished.

The national list will be abolished.

Elections will be held in the old system where the first past the post will be the winner.

The respected and venerable edifice in the Galle Face, where the old parliament was, will be brought back into use. Diyawannawa will be given over for some other public activity.

 Anybody convicted for criminal activity or alleged to be such will not be allowed to contest elections. The members of parliament will be graduates or educated otherwise up to that level. They will not be paid salaries and allowances. Of course, there will be no pension and it will be abolished retroactively. A person can serve as an MP only twice. No tax free car permits. Ministers will not get permits for petrol sheds, bus routes, etc., to sell. They will not be given funds for development of their electorates which funds usually end up in the pockets of relatives and cronies. The number of Pradeshiya Sabha members will be halved.

 The executive, legislature and the judiciary will be so rigorously made independent of one another that there will be no possibility of one influencing another.

 There will be only one law in the country.

 These are some of the significant attributes of the new constitution I have gleaned from the Internet. The present set of thieves governing the country is terrified of this constitution coming to light. They will plan all kinds of nefarious and underhand machinations to stifle it and kill it. They have all the black money they need, they have cunning and they are in power so, may gods protect the good and brave people who are truly concerned about the welfare of the country and its citizens.

 In conclusion, I plead with all my compatriots let us be more pro-active and be involved with intelligence and courage in the affairs of the country. It is for the sake of our little ones; that they may have a decent, clean and civilized country which we do not have now.

Source: The Island

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